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"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants."

- Michael Pollan


Hi, I'm Nataleé. I want to help you achieve food freedom through a plant-based lifestyle.

My philosophy is simple; eat more plants, create healthy habits, and quit dieting. Nourish your body with whole, plant-based foods because they improve digestion, help prevent chronic disease, and assist you in maintaining your weight. Additionally, whole foods give you energy, glowing skin and make you feel like your healthiest self.


Your goals and needs are unique. A customized solution will increase your chances of achieving and maintaining long-term health. By gradually changing your daily habits, you will reap enormous benefits.

Pool Yoga Class

Why Hire a Health Coach?

As a supportive mentor and wellness expert, I assist clients in achieving their goals by combining movement, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

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